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VCP II Dental Treatment Console

VCP II Dental Treatment Console

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The VCP II Dental Treatment Console is the industry’s most powerful, small animal dental delivery unit providing full dental capability in an easy-to-move design.  Rolling seamlessly from a temporary storage position to table-side, the VCP II contains its own quiet compressor, water system, handpieces, three-way air/water syringe, and Piezo electric scaler.

  • All dental tools and controls are ergonomically placed for ease of access and efficient operation.
  • Quiet (46dB) oil-free compressor provides clean air and is maintenance-free.
  • Compact size (16”W x 43”H x 25”D) is the perfect height for counter or table-side use.
  • Large water bottles are easily accessed and sufficient for long-duration procedures.
  • Composite top work surface and aircraft-grade aluminum chassis are easy to clean and durable.

Who is this dental delivery unit designed for?

The VCP II Dental Treatment Console is primarily intended for veterinarians, veterinary dental specialists, and dental practitioners working in veterinary practices or clinics. It is specifically tailored to meet the dental care needs of small animals in a veterinary setting.

Primary Use Case:
This dental treatment console serves as a comprehensive and powerful dental delivery unit designed for performing dental procedures on small animals. It includes essential components such as a quiet compressor, water system, dental handpieces, a three-way air/water syringe, and a Piezo electric scaler. The unit is versatile and suitable for a wide range of dental procedures required for small animals.

Key Features Supporting Its Use:

Ease of Access and Operation: The dental tools and controls on the VCP II Dental Treatment Console are ergonomically placed for ease of access and efficient operation. This ensures that veterinary professionals can perform dental procedures with precision and ease.

Quiet Oil-Free Compressor: The unit features a quiet (46dB) oil-free compressor that provides clean air and operates with minimal noise. This feature creates a calm and stress-free environment for both the operator and the animals during dental procedures.

  1. Compact Design: The unit has a compact size (16”W x 43”H x 25”D), making it ideal for placement on a counter or table-side. Its compact design ensures that it doesn't take up excessive space while offering full dental capability.

Large Water Bottles: The VCP II includes large water bottles that are easily accessed and provide sufficient capacity for long-duration procedures. This minimizes the need for frequent refills during dental care.

Composite Top Work Surface and Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Chassis: The unit is designed with a composite top work surface and an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis. These materials are both durable and easy to clean, maintaining a hygienic working environment for veterinary dental care.

In summary, the VCP II Dental Treatment Console is designed for veterinary professionals who require a powerful and versatile dental delivery unit for performing a wide range of dental procedures on small animals in a veterinary dental practice or clinic. Its features cater to the specific dental care needs of small animals while ensuring ease of use and a clean working environment.

What does this dental delivery unit include?

The VCP II Dental Treatment Console includes the following components and features:

  • Quiet Compressor: The unit contains its own quiet compressor that provides clean air for dental procedures. It operates at a noise level of 46dB, ensuring a calm and comfortable environment during treatment.
  • Water System: The unit features a water system, which is essential for dental irrigation and cooling during procedures.
  • Dental Handpieces: It comes equipped with dental handpieces, which are essential tools for various dental procedures. These handpieces may include high-speed and low-speed options, allowing for versatility in dental treatments.
  • Three-Way Air/Water Syringe: The unit includes a three-way air/water syringe, a critical tool for dental irrigation and delivering air and water during procedures.
  • Piezo Electric Scaler: A Piezo electric scaler is integrated into the unit, enabling efficient scaling and cleaning of dental surfaces.
  • Ergonomically Placed Controls: All dental tools and controls on the unit are ergonomically placed for easy access and efficient operation. This ensures precision and convenience during dental procedures.
  • Compact Size: The unit has a compact size (16”W x 43”H x 25”D), making it suitable for placement on a counter or table-side in veterinary dental practices.
  • Large Water Bottles: It includes large water bottles that are easily accessed and provide sufficient capacity for long-duration procedures, reducing the need for frequent refills.
  • Composite Top Work Surface: The top work surface of the unit is made of composite material, which is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic working environment.
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Chassis: The unit features an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis, providing durability and strength while remaining easy to clean.

What Can Be Added:
The VCP II Dental Treatment Console is a comprehensive dental delivery unit with many essential features. However, additional accessories or options can be considered to enhance its capabilities or customize it to specific needs. These may include:

  1. Additional Handpiece Options: Depending on the specific dental procedures performed, additional handpieces or attachments can be added to expand the unit's functionality.
  2. Built-In Dental Light: A built-in dental light can improve visibility during procedures, ensuring precision and accuracy.
  3. Built-In Camera System: An integrated camera system can be added for documentation and record-keeping purposes, allowing before-and-after photos of dental procedures.
  4. Foot Control System: A foot control system can be added to provide hands-free operation of certain dental tools, further enhancing convenience and control during procedures.
  5. Integrated Suction System: An integrated suction system can help in maintaining a dry and clean working environment during dental treatments.
  6. Customization Options: Depending on the specific needs of veterinary practices, the unit can be customized to accommodate unique requirements.

What is the warranty

DNTLworks Animal Health is committed to providing exceptional quality and reliability in our products. We want to ensure that our customers have complete confidence in their investment. Here's our warranty policy:

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Exclusions Our commitment to quality does not cover repair and replacement costs resulting from misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, or normal wear and tear. Alterations, tampering, improper installation or maintenance, accidents, or equipment modifications not performed by DNTLworks Animal Health or our authorized service agents will void the warranty.

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