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Introducing the Lynx Stool: Unleash Comfort and Reach in Your Practice!  At DNTLworks Animal Health, we are thrilled to present the Lynx Stool, a cutting-edge seating solution designed to enhance comfort, versatility, and accessibility for medical and dental professionals. Unleash the power of comfort and reach with the Lynx stool from DNTLworks. 


 Dual Lever Adjustment: Experience effortless height and position customization, allowing you to find the perfect ergonomic fit for your practice.

English Style Saddle Seat: Our wide and contoured saddle seat provides maximum comfort while enabling easy reach to your patients.

Medium Cylinder: Designed for users of all sizes, the medium cylinder offers stability and flexibility, accommodating the needs of diverse practitioners.

 Polished Metal Base: The sturdy and polished metal base ensures durability and adds a touch of sophistication to your clinical environment.

 Hard Floor Casters: Glide smoothly across different surfaces, providing seamless mobility during your daily medical or dental procedures.

Serene Gel Foam Cushioning: Enjoy optimal comfort and support throughout your workday with our premium gel foam cushioning.

 Medical Grade Vinyl Upholstery: The medical-grade vinyl upholstery is easy to clean, maintaining a hygienic and professional workspace.


Customized Fit: The distinct anatomically contoured seat design ensures a personalized fit, promoting comfort and reducing fatigue during long procedures.

 Reduced Strain: The multi-angle pelvic positioning helps alleviate lower back strain, allowing you to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture.

Extended Reach: With an improved balance point, the Jaguar Stool enables you to effortlessly bend forward and reach further, reducing strain on your body.

 Broad Stance: The wide seat size allows for a broader stance when positioning yourself closer to the patient, providing stability and flexibility during treatments.

 Smooth Mobility: The big casters glide effortlessly in any clinical environment, allowing you to move around with ease and focus on delivering exceptional care.

Stability and Support: The five-leg powder-coated aluminum base ensures optimal stability, allowing you to perform procedures confidently and securely.


Weight: 28 lbs

 Stool Base Diameter: 23"

 Seat Measurements: Width 16" x Depth 13"

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