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The Grizzly Saddle Chair by DNTLworks. Designed with a wide-style veterinary saddle stool and dual lever adjustment, the Grizzly provides a cradle-like experience while you work, offering a wider stance for enhanced support and comfort.

Embrace the comfort and stability of the Grizzly Saddle Chair from DNTLworks and elevate your veterinary practice to new heights of ergonomic excellence! 


Dual Lever Adjustment: Effortlessly customize the height and position of your Grizzly Saddle Chair, allowing you to find the optimal ergonomic fit for your veterinary procedures.

Saddle Seat: The wide saddle seat of the Grizzly provides a comfortable and supportive seating experience, cradling your body as you work and ensuring maximum stability.

Tall Cylinder: Designed for veterinary professionals between 5'4" - 6' in height, the Grizzly Saddle Chair offers a tall cylinder, accommodating users with a wider stance for optimal positioning during examinations and treatments.

Polished Top Base: The polished top base of the Grizzly adds a touch of sophistication to your veterinary clinic, combining aesthetics with durability and stability.

Black Hard Floor Casters: Glide smoothly across various surfaces in your veterinary practice, ensuring effortless mobility as you move between examination tables or treatment areas.

High Resiliency Foam Cushioning: Experience exceptional comfort and durability with the Grizzly's high resiliency foam cushioning, providing long-lasting support during your veterinary procedures.

Medical Grade Vinyl Upholstery: The Grizzly comes with medical-grade vinyl upholstery as a standard option, ensuring easy maintenance and a hygienic veterinary workspace.


Cradle Design: The Grizzly Saddle Chair's cradle-like design holds your body in place as you work, providing superior comfort and stability during extended veterinary procedures.

Lightweight Design: Enjoy easy movement around your veterinary clinic with the Grizzly's lightweight design, allowing you to navigate your workspace effortlessly.

Wide Stance Support: Designed for veterinary professionals with a wider stance, the Grizzly Saddle Chair provides optimal support and comfort during examinations and treatments, promoting a relaxed and ergonomic working posture.

Variety of Upholstery Options: Customize your Grizzly Saddle Chair to match your veterinary clinic's aesthetic preferences by choosing from a range of upholstery options, ensuring a professional and inviting atmosphere.

Exceptional Foam Cushioning: The Grizzly features high-resiliency foam cushioning as a standard, offering superior comfort and quality that lasts, ensuring a comfortable seating experience throughout your veterinary procedures.



Sit Stand Stool- Adjusts from 28"-38" (purchase includes additional complimentary short cylinder: 24"-30")

Stool Base Diameter: 23"

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