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Introducing the Falcon Chair: Soar Above Discomfort and Embrace Unparalleled Support in Your Veterinary Practice! 

At DNTLworks, we are thrilled to present the Falcon Chair, a revolutionary seating solution designed specifically for vet techs and veterinary professionals. With its advanced features and tailored design, the Falcon Chair is here to elevate your comfort, promote proper body alignment, and provide exceptional support during long hours of caring for our furry friends. 

Key Features:

Flexing Support System: Our unique high-strength fiber-reinforced frame and variable tensioning mesh support system work in harmony to provide optimal support while minimizing pressure points on your body, ensuring your well-being throughout your veterinary tasks.

ZenWave™ Motion Technology: Experience the sensation of floating on water as our patented ZenWave™ motion technology allows smooth forward and backward movement without exerting harmful pressure, enabling you to focus on providing the best care to your animal patients.

Active Tilt™ Seat Plate: The Active Tilt™ seat plate seamlessly pivots forward and backward, promoting proper body alignment and reducing strain on your spine, so you can maintain a healthy posture even during demanding procedures.

"Free-Float" Backrest: Enjoy continuous support even as you lean forward, thanks to the innovative "Free-Float" backrest that stays with you, ensuring unparalleled comfort as you tend to the needs of your animal patients.

Customizable Fit: With three lever adjustments, the virtù® chair allows you to easily customize your seat and backrest positions, catering to the unique demands and preferences of veterinary professionals.

Additional Benefits for Vet Techs and Veterinary Professionals:

Enhanced Pressure Distribution: Bid farewell to uncomfortable pressure points! The Eagle Chair's flexing support system and optimized weight dispersion alleviate pressure on your hip bones, tailbone, and legs, allowing you to focus on providing top-notch care without distractions.

Improved Body Alignment: The Active Tilt™ seat plate promotes proper body alignment, reducing the risk of strain and discomfort in your back, ensuring you can carry out your veterinary tasks with ease and maintain a healthy posture.

Continuous Back Support: The ergonomically designed "Free-Float" backrest provides continuous support, massaging your lower back and enhancing blood flow to alleviate any soreness or tension, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional care to your animal patients.

Breathable Mesh Design: Stay cool and fresh during your demanding veterinary procedures with the cool breathable mesh that prevents perspiration buildup, ensuring your comfort throughout the day.

Unparalleled Customization: Recognizing that every vet tech is unique, the Falcon Chair allows you to customize your seat and backrest positions, providing optimal comfort and support tailored to the specific needs of veterinary professionals.

Soar above discomfort and embrace unmatched support with the Falcon Chair from DNTLworks. Elevate your veterinary practice to new heights of comfort and efficiency, and experience the difference that exceptional seating can make in your professional life!

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