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Color: Silvertex-Carbon

Introducing the Mustang Saddle Chair: Ride with Comfort and Support in Your Veterinary Practice! 🐴💺🐾

Experience the unparalleled comfort and versatility of the Mustang Saddle Chair, designed specifically for veterinary professionals. At DNTLworks, we understand the unique demands of veterinary work, and the Mustang Saddle Chair is here to revolutionize your practice with its exceptional features. 🌟👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️🐶🐱

Key Features:


🐴 Dual-Lever Seat Plate Adjustment: Enjoy effortless height and tilt adjustments, allowing you to find the perfect ergonomic fit for your veterinary procedures.

🐴 Lightweight Design: The Mustang Saddle Chair is thoughtfully designed to be lightweight, providing ease of mobility as you move around your veterinary clinic or hospital.

🐴 Saddle-Style Seat with Serene Gel Foam: Experience optimal comfort and support with the saddle-style seat and technologically advanced serene gel foam, ensuring a comfortable seating experience throughout your veterinary tasks.

🐴 Tall Cylinder: The Mustang features a tall cylinder, offering height adjustability to accommodate veterinary professionals of all sizes.

🐴 Metal Base: The sturdy and stylish metal base provides stability and durability, complementing the professional ambiance of your veterinary practice.

🐴 Hard Floor Casters: Effortlessly glide across various surfaces, allowing you to move seamlessly between examination rooms or treatment areas in your veterinary setting.

Benefits for Vet Professionals:

🐴 Full Tilt Adjustment: The Mustang Saddle Chair's full tilt adjustment feature allows you to find the most comfortable sitting position while performing veterinary procedures, ensuring optimal focus and precision.

🐴 Anatomically Designed Seat: The Mustang's anatomically designed seat conforms to your body's natural contours, promoting proper posture and reducing lower back strain during long hours of veterinary work.

🐴 Technologically Advanced Serene Gel Foam: Experience unmatched support and cushioning with the Mustang's technologically advanced serene gel foam, reducing pressure points and enhancing your comfort throughout your veterinary tasks.

🐴 Multi-Angle Pelvic Positioning: The Mustang Saddle Chair's multi-angle pelvic positioning feature helps alleviate lower back strain, allowing you to maintain a healthy posture and minimize fatigue during your veterinary work.

🐴 Improved Balance Point: With the improved balance point of the Mustang Saddle Chair, you can effortlessly bend forward and reach further with less strain, facilitating your interactions with animals and ensuring efficient veterinary care.

🐴 Small Seat Size: The Mustang's small seat size allows for precise positioning and closer proximity to your animal patients, ensuring optimal access and control during veterinary examinations and treatments.



🐴 Weight: 28 lbs

🐴 Stool Base Diameter: 23"

🐴 Floor Seat Height: 25" - 31.5"

🐴 Seat Measurements: Width 13" x Depth 16"

Ride with comfort and support on the Mustang Saddle Chair from DNTLworks. Elevate your medical and dental practice to new heights of ergonomic excellence, and experience the difference that exceptional seating can make in your professional life! 🌟🐴💺