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Color: Silvertex-Carbon

Introducing the Jaguar Operator Stool: Elevating Comfort and Versatility for Veterinary Professionals

Experience exceptional seating comfort and versatility with the Jaguar Operator Stool, masterfully crafted by Crown Seating. This redesigned classic seamlessly blends functionality with a thoughtfully tailored shape, offering an unparalleled seating solution for veterinary experts. Whether you're tending to beloved pets or exotic creatures, the Jaguar Operator Stool ensures a harmonious balance of comfort and accessibility throughout your veterinary practice.

Designed with Veterinary Excellence in Mind: Precision-engineered to meet the unique demands of veterinary care, the English-style saddle stool is expertly recommended for professionals of all sizes. Its adaptive design serves as a bridge between veterinary practitioners and their patients, fostering a seamless connection in every interaction.

Key Features:

  • Dual Lever Adjustment: Effortlessly customize your seating position, precisely accommodating various heights and angles.
  • English Style Saddle Seat: Engineered for optimal comfort, the wide seat offers angle adjustments, enabling a tailored fit.
  • Medium Cylinder: Tailored to users of diverse sizes, the medium cylinder provides an ideal balance of stability and flexibility.
  • Polished Metal Base: The polished metal base adds a touch of refinement to your veterinary setting, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Hard Floor Casters: Glide smoothly across different surfaces, facilitating seamless mobility for all your veterinary procedures.
  • Serene Gel Foam Cushioning: Experience superior comfort and support during prolonged veterinary tasks with premium gel foam cushioning.
  • Medical Grade Vinyl Upholstery: The medical-grade vinyl upholstery ensures easy maintenance and a hygienic workspace.

Benefits Tailored for Veterinary Professionals:

  • Personalized Comfort: The uniquely contoured seat design guarantees a personalized fit, promoting comfort and reducing fatigue during extended procedures.
  • Reduced Strain: Multi-angle pelvic positioning minimizes lower back strain, allowing you to maintain a comfortable posture throughout your work.
  • Enhanced Reach: The Jaguar Operator Stool's refined balance point empowers you to lean forward and access patients with ease.
  • Expanded Stance: The generously sized seat accommodates a broader stance, providing stability and adaptability when caring for animals.
  • Effortless Mobility: Large casters glide effortlessly across veterinary settings, enabling smooth movement and focused animal care.
  • Stability and Confidence: The five-leg powder-coated aluminum base ensures unwavering stability, enabling you to provide expert veterinary care with confidence.


  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Stool Base Diameter: 23"
  • Floor Seat Height: 22.5" - 27.5"
  • Seat Measurements: Width 16" x Depth 13"

Elevate your veterinary practice to unprecedented heights of comfort and versatility with the Jaguar Operator Stool from Crown Seating. Experience a new standard of seating that enhances your connection with animals and transforms your approach to veterinary care.