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Durango C90SB

Introducing the Durango C90SB: The Perfect Saddle Stool for Dental Veterinarians

Are you a dental veterinarian looking for the ultimate seating solution that caters to your unique needs? Look no further than the Durango C90SB, an exceptional operator saddle stool designed specifically for dental professionals like you. With its narrow fit and adjustable features, this stool offers unmatched comfort, allowing you to work efficiently while maintaining optimal patient reach.

Designed for Dental Veterinarians of All Sizes:

The Durango Operator Saddle Stool is recommended for dental veterinarians of all sizes, accommodating both shorter and taller individuals. No matter your height or body type, this stool provides a versatile seating solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Impressive Features:

Dual Lever Adjustment: Effortlessly adjust the height and angle of your stool using the dual lever mechanism. Enjoy a customized fit that suits your preferences and promotes proper posture during dental procedures.

Western Style Saddle Seat: Experience the ergonomic design of the Western-style saddle seat, which allows for width and angle adjustments. This personalized fit significantly reduces strain on your back, ensuring comfort throughout your busy workday.

Tall Cylinder: The tall cylinder ensures that the stool can be easily adjusted to a height suitable for dental procedures. You'll have the flexibility to work at the perfect height, promoting optimal working conditions and enhancing your overall performance.

Beige Powder Coated Metal Base: Trust in the durability and stability provided by the beige powder-coated metal base. This robust base ensures a reliable seating experience, giving you the confidence to focus on delivering top-quality dental care.

Hard Floor Casters: Effortlessly glide across your dental office with the hard floor casters. Designed specifically for hard floors, these casters allow for smooth and seamless movement, enhancing your workflow and efficiency.

Serene Gel Foam Cushioning: Experience the ultimate comfort with the serene gel foam cushioning. This advanced cushioning material relieves pressure points, providing superior support and promoting better posture during prolonged procedures.

Upholstery Options: The Durango C90SB comes standard with Medical Grade Vinyl upholstery. However, we offer you the freedom to choose from additional upholstery options such as Ultra-leather, Silvertex, or Sta-Kleen. Each option boasts its own unique benefits and style, allowing you to customize your stool according to your preferences (additional charges may apply).

Upgrade Your Dental Practice:

Enhance your dental practice by investing in the Durango C90SB. Achieve the perfect balance of comfort and functionality, tailored specifically for dental veterinarians like you. Elevate your working experience and make a lasting impression on your patients with a stool designed to meet the demanding needs of dental veterinarians.