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Introducing the Panther Stand-Sit Saddle Stool: Elevating Veterinary Precision and Comfort 

Experience the pinnacle of seating precision and comfort with the Panther Stand-Sit Saddle Stool, meticulously designed by Crown Seating to meet the unique demands of veterinary practice. Infused with innovation and versatility, this stool embodies the perfect fusion of comfort and adaptability, enhancing the connection between veterinary professionals and their animal patients.

Additions That Redefine Comfort and Functionality: Adding a foot ring, taller cylinder, and a mesh backrest, the Panther Stand-Sit Saddle Stool is reimagined as a versatile stand-sit solution. Embracing the traditional shape of a Western saddle, this stool caters to the dynamic needs of veterinary professionals, further enhancing your ability to provide superior care to animal companions.


Western Style Saddle Seat: The saddle seat, featuring a traditional shape with modern innovation, can be effortlessly adjusted for width and angles, guaranteeing an optimal and personalized fit.

Taller Cylinder: Designed for veterinary practitioners of all sizes, the taller cylinder ensures stability and adaptability for enhanced convenience.

Beige Powder Coated Metal Base: Exuding durability and elegance, the base complements your veterinary setting with a touch of sophistication.

Hard Floor Casters: Effortlessly glide across various surfaces, facilitating fluid movement during veterinary procedures.

Serene Gel Foam Cushioning: Indulge in prolonged comfort and support during your veterinary tasks, thanks to the premium gel foam cushioning.

Medical Grade Vinyl Upholstery: The standard medical-grade vinyl upholstery ensures easy maintenance and a pristine working environment. Additionally, you have the option to choose from upholstery selections such as Ultra-leather, Silvertex, or Sta-kleen for a supplementary charge.


Personalized Comfort: The distinct seat contour delivers a custom fit, promoting sustained comfort and minimizing fatigue during extended procedures.

Reduced Strain: Multi-angle pelvic positioning alleviates lower back strain, enabling you to maintain an ergonomic posture throughout your work.

Heightened Reach: With an optimized balance point, the Panther Stand-Sit Stool empowers you to lean forward and access patients with ease.

Precise Fit: The small seat size enables close positioning to your patients, facilitating intimate examinations with absolute ease.

Fluid Mobility: The hard floor casters glide effortlessly across various veterinary settings, ensuring seamless movement and focused animal care.

Assurance of Stability: Supported by a five-leg powder-coated aluminum base, the Panther Stand-Sit Stool offers unwavering stability for confident veterinary procedures.Dual Lever Adjustment: Seamlessly adjust your seating position with precision, enabling customized heights and angles to suit your preference.


Weight: 28 lbs

Stool Base Diameter: 23"

Floor Seat Height: 25" - 31.5"

Seat Measurements: Width 13" x Depth 16"

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