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Introducing the Panther Stool: Elevate Your Veterinary Practice!

At DNTLworks, we recognize the distinctive demands of veterinary professionals, and we are excited to introduce the Panther Stool – a versatile seating solution meticulously crafted for the veterinary industry.

Key Features:

Triple Lever Adjustment: Seamlessly tailor the height and positioning of your stool to ensure unparalleled comfort during veterinary examinations and procedures.
English Style Saddle Seat: Our ergonomic saddle seat boasts a narrow, contoured design that facilitates close interaction with your animal patients.
Medium Cylinder: Designed to accommodate medical and dental users of all sizes, the medium cylinder offers an optimal blend of stability and customization.
Chrome Metal Base: Featuring a five-leg aluminum base with a durable coating, the Panther Stool guarantees stability and longevity in any veterinary setting.
Serene Gel Foam Cushioning: Immerse yourself in a realm of superior comfort and support, courtesy of our premium cushioning that ensures sustained comfort throughout your day.
Silvertex Upholstery: Engineered for ease of cleaning, hygiene, and durability, the Silvertex upholstery seamlessly meets the demands of a bustling veterinary practice.
Benefits for Veterinary Professionals:

Tailored Fit: The anatomically contoured seat design affords you a tailored fit, fostering comfortable and close interaction with your animal patients.
Strain Reduction: The multi-angle pelvic positioning effectively minimizes lower back strain, actively promoting better posture during veterinary procedures.
Extended Reach: With an optimized balance point, you can effortlessly lean forward and extend your reach, effectively minimizing strain and fatigue.
Precise Patient Proximity: The small seat size empowers you to get remarkably close to your animal patients, guaranteeing precision and convenience in your work.
Stability and Mobility: The five-leg powder-coated aluminum base ensures steadfast stability, while the generously-sized floor casters facilitate smooth and seamless mobility.

Weight: 45 lbs
Stool Base Diameter: 23"
Seat Measurements: Width 16" x Depth 13"
Elevate your veterinary practice to the pinnacle of excellence with the Panther Stool from DNTLworks. Experience unrivaled comfort, functionality, and precision, optimizing your interactions with your animal patients.

In addition, the Panther Stool is further enhanced with a foot ring, taller cylinder, and mesh backrest, culminating in a remarkable Stand-sit stool that marries traditional design with innovative features, designed to exceed your expectations.